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This group was created to assist and give information on Amateur Radio (ham radio)This group started out for just DMR but have expanded this group to include all modes including DMR,Analog,C4FM,& Dstar.And lets not forget the 220 band.There will be no postings for anything not related to amateur (ham radio). This is not the place to post your porn, advertisements,spam and anything not pertaining to the subject matter of this group. It will be deleted and so will you.
All postings have to be approved before it is seen in this group. For those of you that either cant read or just do not care and continue to post non amateur radio subject mater you are wasting your time as no one sees it except for 2 administrators and have to be approved.For those of you that do not have a license you can download the Zello app and talk or ask questions.No license is required. North America Amateur Radio -
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Hit the nail on the head !

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  • Hit the nail on the head !

    I found this post on another site that someone had posted and I could not agree more.

    Hello everyone, I'd first like to say that I'm just an average person. Not the smartest for sure, not the most experienced, not handsome and certainly not wealthy. I don't have a college degree. I work, pay my taxes and avoid being a burden to others. Now that everyone knows that I'm well beneath them and not riding some "high horse" here's my statement:
    There are some unsavory people in this forum. Quick to shoot someone down with a smug, cocksure and insulting attitude unworthy of the amateur fraternity. Some have repulsive airs of superiority, aggressively jumping to conclusions and making assumptions. Acting like trolls really. They are the one percent that you read about that ruin it for everybody else.
    These are the punks that feel they have something to prove to others and themselves. Pitiful insecure wrecks of humans when it comes right down to it, but they come off as though they are the masters of all things.
    I've seen a few instances in this forum where these "anti-Elmers" thought they knew it all, made ignorant, hateful and hurtful statements and ended up looking quite foolish to others who knew better.
    Today they bullied and insulted someone who is far and away their intellectual superior, a powerhouse of clear and analytical thinking and also a reserved and humble soul in my opinion. Now that person may be far less likely to help others because of hateful unthinking egotists like them. I've seen that same behavior before in this and other amateur forums targeting other people, including myself, who were trying to help. This type of repugnant behavior only does harm and chases away the very best contributors who make these forums so rewarding. No one wants to become a target just because their accurate and technically correct statements are misunderstood by the trigger happy and ignorant know-it-alls.
    For the small percentage that I've described above, I give the following advice: If you want to play dueling intellects, one upmanship and stepping on who you think is the little guy, your life is going to be hard in the virtual world as well as the physical one. There will always be many who are smarter, stronger, wiser and better respected than you.
    Amateur radio is comprised of some of the smartest, most experienced, capable, compassionate and helpful people this average person is aware of. These kind of people aren't likely to want to assist others where every statement they make invokes some sort of insulting challenge.
    In closing; If you're looking for a place to exercise your ego along with your supposed superior intellect at the expense of others, I suggest you take it elsewhere. If you stick around I hope you rethink your attitudes. If you leave (because you feel so very superior), all I can say is, "good riddance" and I hope our paths do not cross again.

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    I agree with this post
    IC-9100, Yeasu G-5500, GS-232B, JT222M, Astron RM-60M, DR-1X, SCOM 7330, Wouxun KG-UV950P, TYT TH-9000D, Motorola CDM 1250, Stepper IR DB11 Antenna


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      Such a shame. I've seen this type of thing more with hams on DRM than any other mode or technology. And, not only local, I've read and watched video's of other hams expressing the same type of disappointment. I don't know what it is that breeds this type of attitude within the DMR community but it goes against all that I know amateur radio to be. It's the reason I've stopped using DMR, too many negative people that like to backstab and call out others that they don't agree with. That's why this site and forum seems to be a breath of fresh air. I hope it stays this way. Kf4EOK, you have a huge responsibility in front of you. Please don't ever forget the reasons you've started this.