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This group was created to assist and give information on Amateur Radio (ham radio)This group started out for just DMR but have expanded this group to include all modes including DMR,Analog,C4FM,& Dstar.And lets not forget the 220 band.There will be no postings for anything not related to amateur (ham radio). This is not the place to post your porn, advertisements,spam and anything not pertaining to the subject matter of this group. It will be deleted and so will you.
All postings have to be approved before it is seen in this group. For those of you that either cant read or just do not care and continue to post non amateur radio subject mater you are wasting your time as no one sees it except for 2 administrators and have to be approved.For those of you that do not have a license you can download the Zello app and talk or ask questions.No license is required. North America Amateur Radio -
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    Well here is a little news.First off DMR is not dead.Right now a VHF analog repeater went online today at 147.360 with a tone of 127.3.It is at a temporary site being tested.Next a Fusion repeater arrived today and will be up and running soon.Next lets not forget about DMR and Dstar.A MMDVM repeater is also in the works so we will have all modes for the Jacksonville area including DMR and DMR will not be connected to the other local group so not to cause a conflict.I almost forgot a 220 MHZ Repeater is also going up.Keep your fingers crossed.